Frequently asked questions

Q. Can I use the website for blogging?
A. You can use the website for blogging as long as you are aware of any limitations.  The best package for blogging is the WordPress package as this platform is geared up for exactly that.  You can use the other packages are mainly for sites that don't require frequenty updating of blogging, but you can use them for that with to some degree. 

Q. Can you put links to my social sites such as Facebook onto the website?
A. Yes, links to social networks can be placed onto the website.

Q. Will I be tied into a lengthy contract?
A. No, our business practices are as flexible as we can make them.  There is no long term contract with our website packages; we only ask if you could give us at least one months notice so that we can perform the necessary administration behind the scenes.  Domain names, are purchased for at least one year at a time in advance and there are rules and regulations that we are obliged to follow. We hope that once you are our customer, you will not have any reason to leave. Please talk to us beforehand so we can work out any issues that you have for leaving.

Q. Can the website be updated, how much will that cost and how is it updated?
A. Minor irregular updates within a month will be included free of charge. However for more regular updates within a month we have a range of options starting from just £6.95 a month. To request updates, send the changes to us by email which will create a 'ticket'.  We then process those 'tickets' and update the website for you.  Further information as to how will be given at the time.

Q. How do I pay for the website or other services?
A. We only accept payment by direct debit or bank transfer.  Before any work is carried out you will be sent an electronic link that allows you to set up a direct debit to us.  Any fees are then invoiced and automatically taken out of your bank through direct debit.

Q. How do you offer this service so cheaply?
A. Our business practice has many efficienty savings from operating remotely, not having high street premises, which saves costs.  We also manage our own web servers rather than placing each website with another provider. The packages available on this site fit a niche service for business that want a no nonsense low cost website.  If you require a custom/bespoke or unique service then please check out our other brand at www.rcthosting.com 

Q. Do you charge extra for secure website https:// rather than http:// 
A. No, we offer secure website on https:// for no extra charge.

Q. Do you monitor website for 'up time' and other issues?
A. Yes, each website is monitored from at least 5 different locations spread geographically around the work. Should a website go 'offline', we are automatically alerted to the issue.

Q. What types of domain names can I have in the price?
A. With the exception of the free package, we include a .co.uk .org.uk or .com domain name.  If you require any other type of domain extension then please enquire if there will be an additional nominal charge.

Q. Does the website include an email address?
A. No, for this price we are unable to also offer an email address however we can arrange an email address for an additional nominal charge depending on what your needs are. Please enquire further.

Q. Do you visit my premises, take photographs and ask lots of questions?
A. No, for this price we don't do those things, but you can send us all this information by email.